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About Polka.Warriors
Introducing Polka.Warriors (Community of PolkaDot in Vietnam)

Polka.Warriors is the "non-profit & Unofficial" of $DOT hodler community in Vietnam. Founded by Syndicator, all activities of Polka.Warriors are supported in all aspects of finance and knowledge from a team of enthusiastic and experienced Syndicator. As a key community dedicated to $ DOT Holder, this is the place to be discussed for everything related to PolkaDot and all projects in this strong ecosystem.

Currently, PolkaDot is quite new in Vietnam market, the new concepts "Parachain" "RelayChain", "Bridges", "IPO", "Nominator" ... will be answered by DOT Holder team, especially " IPO event for 100 slots on ParaChain coming "

● Update events related to PolkaDot and ecosystem
● In-depth analysis of projects under PolkaDot, especially the projects that will be auctioned to enter the upcoming Parachain Slot
● Interaction with projects and “HOW TO JOIN IPO PARACHAIN”
● Daily analysis update
● Contest, Event, Meet-up ...
Let's start the journey with Us

Polka.Warriors Community
Website | http://polka.syndicator.vn/
Tele ANN | https://t.me/PolkaWarriorsANN
Tele Chat | https://t.me/PolkaWarriors
Twitter | https://twitter.com/polkawarriors

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