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Wave 2 Second Qtr 2019

This page gives an overview of accepted grants for Wave 2. Keep in mind that not all of the accepted grants have already delivered software.

  • Cap9 - A low-level security protocol and framework for smart contracts
  • Substrate Java API - Java version of our JS API
  • Starlog - A metadata chain for IPFS
  • MixBytes - Benchmarking tool for Substrate and Polkadot
  • Gunclear - Private secure data storage solution using Plasma Cash in Substrate
  • ZeroChain - Zero knowledge transactions in Substrate
  • Robonomics - Substrate modules for controlling robots
  • Avado - Polkadot node deployment with consumer hardware
  • Stake Technologies - Plasma modules for Substrate
  • HOPR - Substrate integration with this P2P messaging protocol
  • Mailchain - a Multi-Blockchain Messaging Application
  • Usetech - Polkadot C++ API