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Cosmos-SDK Parachain Development Kit
Attic Lab
VS Code and Atom plugins
Polkadot Package Manager
Chain Security
Tool for validating correctness of Polkadot runtimes
Multi-chain performance testing tool
service to easily build a blockchain
A set of tools for writing Polkadot parachains that are based on Substrate.
Entropy Labs
A toolkit for building and deploying applications with substrate
C library for Substrate
SDK + Buner Wallet to implement Web 2.0 login for dapps
Speeds up blockchain development for companies creating Substrate chains
ink! playground
ink! playground is the browser IDE for Substrate's smart contract(srml-contract).
Java API Client
Java APIs around Polkadot and any Substrate-based chain RPC calls
Matter Labs
ZincRedShift ZK programming framework
Obsidian Labs
Substrate IDE
Substrate API client in Haskell
Rust API Client
Library for connecting to substrate API over WebSockets
Rust SCALE Codecs
Lightweight, efficient, binary serialization and deserialization codec
The foundation for blockchain innovators.
Substrate Account Set
A Substrate pallet for account-level permissioning.
Substrate Java API
Java version of our JS API
Substrate Pallet Template
Template for a Substrate pallet which lives as its own crate so it can be imported into multiple other runtimes. It is based on the "template" pallet which is included with the Substrate node template.
Substrate Validator Set
A Substrate pallet to add/remove validators in Substrate-based PoA networks.
Library for connecting to the substrate's RPC interface via WebSockets
substraTEE is an extension to Parity Substrate, allowing to call a custom state transition function (STF) inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), namely an Intel SGX enclave thereby providing confidentiality and integrity.