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Bison Trails
Our fully managed platform powers critical infrastructure for the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, custodians, funds, and applications with industry-leading availability, security, and a 99.9% platform uptime guarantee.
Polkadot Package Manager
Chorus One
Grandpa light client in Tendermint
Continue Capital
We are built to be the catalyst of technology innovation.
Cryptium Labs
Security-Oriented Staking from the Swiss Alps
Everstake - Staking Service Platform
Figment Networks
Your Key to Web 3. Stake tokens, build applications, and participate in blockchain governance.
Validator Dashboard
Independent validator on several POS networks
P2P Validator
Multiblockchain ELT
Polkadot.Pro is a Polkadot and Substrate Validators Services for startups, testnets.
PolkaStats is a Substrate block explorer aiming to provide the best staking and economic data for both validators and nominators.
Web3 Compatible API
Radiance_9 is a public validator for polkadot network
The smartest platform to participate in the growing digital asset economy.
SNZ Holding
Our mission is to empower valuable blockchain projects through the SNZ hub, a network with global top tier venture capitals, state-of-the art blockchain technologies, and various communities.
Fixed Income Solutions for Crypto Asset Investors
Staked Tech
Staked Tech provides secure Non-Custodial Staking service for blockchain investors to compound their cryptocurrency staking investments. Stake your tokens to receive passive interest while we guarantee security and uptime.
stakefish is a validator and node operator for blockchain projects that are using Proof of Stake or some form of staking. These projects will incentivize token holders to lock up or stake their tokens to contribute to the overall security of their network
Staker Space
Secure-validator for polkadot, etc
Stakin is an infrastructure operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains.\r\n\r\nWe operate secure, reliable and efficient nodes on selected PoS protocols, enabling our delegators to earn rewards without any custody on their funds.
Staking Facilities
Secure blockchain ecosystems by staking tokens. Earn rewards. Track and analyze everything with our dashboard.
Statless Money
We are an independent staking service provider. We operate validation software for protocols we are actively invested in and involved with.
Substrate explorer
Open Source Scalable Cluster